Saturday, March 27, 2010

hello again crafty blog

i've been distracted from crafting, i have no excuse.

i finished my mittens then started to make some squares to use up some acrylic but I've had no printer and couldn't print the pattern. it annoyed me to set up my lap top next to me every time i wanted to crochet. but now thanks to a new job I have a printer and a black berry so my patterns can travel with me. However, I've moved on to attempting bunny slippers. it's slow going as i'm trying very hard to keep myself busy outside of my apartment these days.

But, here are some bad ass skull pot holders i made for candace ever and ever ago. I think they might have been meant as a christmas present but i just go to give them to her when i saw her last (two?) weekends ago.

I like how they came out, changing colors is fun plus there's no weaving in ends til the end. I might make a set for myself... but for now on to pics!

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