Friday, December 31, 2010

Personal Desserts: Mini Caramel Bundt Cakes

Mini caramel bundt cakes!

Recipe from here, except needs some clarification... I only read where it made 48 cakes! And thought she was crazy, my mini bundt pan makes 6 personalized cakes. So I halved the recipe and filled 5 of them... What? When I looked closer I realized she must have mini mini bundt cake pan! Sort of like mini cupcakes!

While that's adorable, I wish there would have been something in the pictures to clue me in to the scale, I'm guilty of not really reading the post, just the recipe. Ssoooo on the first batch where I only got 5 cakes, I filled the pans too much and baked them a tad too long.

My delicious notes say one full batch made 6 small cakes but if I halved it the first time and got 1 pan worth, the full batch must make 12...I think...

Also should note, the ingredient list for the cakes has caramel liqueur in there, but it's not in the instructions to add. I was making booze free cakes anyway so obviously didn't add it and they came out fine.

I did use this caramel glaze recipe though. And it came out delicious. I made the cakes the night before, and made the glaze in the morning and poured it over the cakes. Then served them in the afternoon. I was torn if I should do the glaze the night before so it could sink in but this came out well. :o)

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