Tuesday, February 23, 2010

epic mitten win

For the past year or so I've been trying to make a decent pair of mittens. the patterns i've tried have always sucked, or i make the way wrong size, but when i saw these mittens in crochet today while in starbucks, I immediately bought the whole issue.

Looking at it closer, I realized it was in something called tunisian stitch, which i'd never heard of in my life. So, I would go ahead and just learn it. I had some links online but this book was the most helpful! It was a Christmas present from Niki, so thank you thank you!

It was slow going for awhile, plus I've never cross stitched on anything in my life either. I got better at it by the time I got to mitten number 2 though! And by the time it was time to seam them up it sort of rushed through it. But at the end of the day I like them! They fit and they turned out well and I wear them! ::gasp::

More mitten goodness to follow...

More crochet adventures on Flickr!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

winter crochet!

Back in January I wrote this post about my 2010 yarn stash and how it has grown epically behind closed closet doors. Furthermore, whenever Candace comes to visit, we always go to knit-a-bit and I buy random fancy yarn that I don't need.

Well, after all that, here's what that turned into.

I actually crocheted nearly half of it into blocks thinking using different stitches would make it look neat and random, but fail, it looked awful. So I tried out some granny squares and it's somewhat cool! I bought a sweet purple coat not to long ago and it matches nicely. It's not long enough to be a decent scarf really, but chunky enough to fold in half and wrap around my neck, then tuck through the loop. The wool is a little itchy though... :o( but that's what I get for buying things on sale just for the sake of buying things on sale.

I'm behind on posting winter crochet projects, but there's things to be done with this afternoon, so off I go, and I'll post them later.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentines coasters

blogging on a wednesday morning!!! wwooooooo! snowy day here in jerz.

i made these about a month ago. got the pattern in my crochet today magazine. i made a set of 4 to use up some of my variegated worsted weight yarn.

more in the crochet adventures set.

my next mission, which will be ongoing, to use up some random worsted is attempting a blanket out of these squares. looks awesome, but i attempted to give one a whirl late last night and failed around round 4, not a good start. :o\ i wish it told me the number of stitches in a round. hmph...

Saturday, February 6, 2010


last saturday i went to a birthday brunch in someone's home. since it was a brunch, i couldn't exactly bring a bottle of wine and be done with it, so i bake these mini pancake muffins!

the recipe specifies it makes 24 mini muffins but i only got about 18 out of the first batch! i'm sure i filled the muffin cups too much, but i didn't want them to look anemic!

that was not nearly enough mini muffins, plus i bought a whole carton of buttermilk and what else was i going to do with it? so i baked a second batch. I split the batter into 3 bowls and made some plain, some blueberry, and some chocolate chip. A little something for everyone. :op

i had to leave them in a little longer than 8-9 minutes, and even a bit longer for the blueberry ones. Right out of the oven, they taste orgasmic! The next day when they were room temperature they didn't have quite the same magic, but were still tasty. It was a shame the rest of the guests couldn't taste them at their best.

i still have buttermilk left over, (even though i used it for breakfast-for-dinner pancakes during the week) so I'll probably make these again to this weekend. turning the oven on will help warm up my apartment in this snowy weather.
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