Friday, August 27, 2010

cookies and cream cupcake fail

ugh! i'm so mad at these cupcakes! what a waste!

I wanted to be somewhat clever and experiment and make this strawberry milano cupcake recipe. I booked marked it because I LOVE double chocolate milanos. Love them. And I love cupcakes so naturally this was a recipe for me. Only I'd eaten all the milanos, but I could use oreos. So then I wanted to top them with vanilla vodka frosting! That I would amend from this recipe for strawberry vodka frosting. And I would call them cookies and cream cocktail cupcakes! :oD :oD excited! For some reason I decided to half the recipe. It was just for fun anyhow. So bake away and get everything cleaned up and take them out of the oven and they look purty good! I let them get a little too dark around the edges but I broke into one and the texture looks good.

So I ate it. And at first it was okay, then I got this awful something burnt, or bitter, but it was awful or whatever it was. I had two more before i realized my cupcakes were truly bad the threw them all away.

Was it the baking powder? It didn't seem like too much baking powder. Maybe it's just not meant to be halved. Whatever happened they suck and I don't want to make them again. BAD milano cupcakes!

Anyway, before I realized how much they sucked I took pics for the flickr page. But these cupcakes would never realize their dream of being topped with vanilla vodka frosting. sad.

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