Saturday, September 11, 2010

wanna-be organic french toast muffins

I am rather behind on baking posts. I've been moving and what not, but that's the best excuse I have. Anyway, I made these one night while still at my apartment. They are wanna-be organic because I substituted a bunch of organic ingredients...sort of...

I amended from this recipe. I think I deem it a success, they seemed a little dry the next day, but would be good with some jam or butter. I ate them for breakfast all week and they definitely have a french toast flavor with the cinnamon.

I used whole wheat pastry flour (substitute volume for volume) and used organic vanilla yogurt thinned with approx 1 tablespoon chocolate soy milk instead of buttermilk. And, I used organic agave maple syrup instead of classic maple syrup. I poked holes in them like the instructions say but my syrup just sort of went all over, maybe if it was room temperature, mine was cold.

Baked about 6 minutes for minis. It made almost 42! They looked adorable and tasted lovely right after I poured the syrup over them and dusted them with powdered sugar, but in like 10 minutes my powdered sugar disappeared somewhere into the muffin. If you're going to serve these for a brunch or something I suggest sprinkling with powdered sugar right before you set out!

More in my baking set in flickr!

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