Saturday, October 30, 2010

happy halloweekend!

Omg! A crochet post!

Finally made some critters from my Creepy Cute Crochet book! And here they are for Halloweekend!

Devil (pardon the hot glue button eyes)

I heart my creepy cute button eyes, btw, very Coraline! I think I'll try to make a creepy cute style Coraline.

Reaper (and more Reaper here)

Skeleton bride and groom. She's missing a veil, she's not a "blushing" bride I guess. haha. If I find some tool for an appropriate price that I don't have to buy 50 pieces of, or come across something to substitute, I'll finish her up. Until then...Creepy Cute Skeleton Bride and Groom! I LOVE his top hat, btw.

Vampire Queen! Vampire queen is definitely the coolest creepy cute character I've made. I envy her long red hair. The hair is tricky, but I think this one came out okay for a first try. My first try fell apart, I couldn't even untangle it. But she's definitely awesome.

So what did I think of the patterns in this book? She has a great blog with a lot of tutorials, etc., but I have to say I found a lot of the instructions overly complicated for some things. Like the heads are made in rounds and decreased randomly all over the place, why? It's apparently because the head is shaped slightly oblong...but could you not do that in spirals? And who can tell anyway. Also for things like the hems of the skirts on the bride and vampire queen, it sounds like you're supposed to like double back and crochet in the stitches you just made, but I couldn't figure out how to get there without turning or something, and then I'd be crocheting in the wrong direction...whatever!

My advice to anyone following the patterns in this book is definitely take the time to make all the little details! For example I had no idea vampire queen had a collar, because who can tell from the picture and I was eager to finish her! But make it, it looks cute in real life. :o) But don't loose sleep over following the stitches exactly as they're written if you're having trouble, just make it how it looks good or works for you and move on! And stitch the faces before you fill the head, hello...

And last, my characters needed a vehicle in which to reside, since I just stuffed them with fiberfill and no one really stands up properly without some effort. So I made the great pumpkin bowl!

Loosely based on a pattern I found on Ravelry somewhere, I improvised most of the lid and all of the details like the stem, leaf, and vines. I started a second larger one but he'll become a harvest pumpkin, and not so much a halloween pumpkin. :o)

Please visit my flickr page for more halloween crochetedness!

Happy halloween kids!

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