Thursday, October 14, 2010

red velvet minis = love

For awhile now I think red velvet has been the new "trendy" cake flavor. Last month (bad blogger!) I had a jewelry party so thought I'd bake up a crowd pleaser! So I chose red velvet mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting since it seems the traditional combo. Plus Dave doesn't really like cream cheese frosting, but I wasn't baking these for the house or for our friends so I took advantage. Although my party had a small turnout a so bunch of them ended up coming home with me anyway, oh well, I liked em. :o)

I bought red food dye especially for them!

I recently found ming makes cupcakes and I am in love with it. The cupcakes are amazing. Took me awhile to figure out if you click text on the menu bar, you can bookmark individual recipes. So cupcake #4 here is what I used. I had a few other red velvet recipes bookmarked, but chose to use martha's recipe for cream cheese frosting, mostly because the volume and ratio of cream cheese to sugar seemed right.

They certainly came out a success! I didn't have cocoa powder so I melted about 1/2 oz unsweetened bakers chocolate instead of a tablespoon cocoa powder. I ended up with about 38 minis and baked em for 10 minutes.

Look at the sexy red minis! The cream cheese frosting, well, I think I let my cream cheese and butter soften too much because the frosting was way too thin...I added more powdered sugar to try to thicken it up, but I would of preferred less. But it still had a good cream cheese "tang" in the end! I had to put the bowl in the fridge for awhile before I could pipe them.

More in the baking adventures set!

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  1. i LOVE ming makes cupcakes too!!! i actually made his red velvets as well!!! here check them out :


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