Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pomegranate Christmas Cake!

The day after Chirstmas I was heading to my moms for a Christmas dinner with the other half of the fam, and I wanted to bring this pomegranate Christmas cake.

Although they were calling for a snow storm in the afternoon, dinner was still on so I woke up early in the morning to get my baking on.

The recipe I used frosted the cake with creamcheese frosting but since most people have a love/hate relationship with creamcheese frosting, I used what I had on hand to make whipped cream frosting.

Here's my notes from delicious:

line pans with parchment! used 7 1/2 inch round pans, baked 25 min. used 3 whole eggs instead of 6 egg whites (sub 1 whole egg for 2 egg whites) tasted fine, not as white. made 5 "pomegranate wells". Would add 2 more next time.

Pomegranate syrup never really "syruped," let simmer extra 10 min. did thicken slightly as it cooled. Just enough for between 2 layers and top layer, and 5 wells.

Frosted with whipped cream frosting. sprinkled with granulated sugar for snow effect but had melted into frosting by the time it was ready to serve, sprinkle right before serving next time.

While mine isn't as pretty as miss sprinkle bakes, it tasted fabulous, would definitely make it again.

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