Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Cocoa Madeleine

I finally got to use my mini madeleine pan! Mini baked things are awesome. I made these one snowy afternoon before heading out for girls night.

The recipe came from a random desserts magazine I picked up around Christmas in line in the supermarket. They're REALLY hard not to eat straight out of the oven, especially because they're so mini, I just want to keep snacking on them by the handfuls. Thankfully the recipe made almost 4 pans worth!

I dusted them with powdered sugar before transporting them to the party, they were pretty darn good.

I wish they had more of the shell definition though. My batter had some rather large bubbles in it, I'll have to google what to do about that... hm...

Until then, please check out the new additions to my flickr baking set AND my new adventures in ice cream set!

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