Sunday, February 21, 2010

winter crochet!

Back in January I wrote this post about my 2010 yarn stash and how it has grown epically behind closed closet doors. Furthermore, whenever Candace comes to visit, we always go to knit-a-bit and I buy random fancy yarn that I don't need.

Well, after all that, here's what that turned into.

I actually crocheted nearly half of it into blocks thinking using different stitches would make it look neat and random, but fail, it looked awful. So I tried out some granny squares and it's somewhat cool! I bought a sweet purple coat not to long ago and it matches nicely. It's not long enough to be a decent scarf really, but chunky enough to fold in half and wrap around my neck, then tuck through the loop. The wool is a little itchy though... :o( but that's what I get for buying things on sale just for the sake of buying things on sale.

I'm behind on posting winter crochet projects, but there's things to be done with this afternoon, so off I go, and I'll post them later.

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