Saturday, February 6, 2010


last saturday i went to a birthday brunch in someone's home. since it was a brunch, i couldn't exactly bring a bottle of wine and be done with it, so i bake these mini pancake muffins!

the recipe specifies it makes 24 mini muffins but i only got about 18 out of the first batch! i'm sure i filled the muffin cups too much, but i didn't want them to look anemic!

that was not nearly enough mini muffins, plus i bought a whole carton of buttermilk and what else was i going to do with it? so i baked a second batch. I split the batter into 3 bowls and made some plain, some blueberry, and some chocolate chip. A little something for everyone. :op

i had to leave them in a little longer than 8-9 minutes, and even a bit longer for the blueberry ones. Right out of the oven, they taste orgasmic! The next day when they were room temperature they didn't have quite the same magic, but were still tasty. It was a shame the rest of the guests couldn't taste them at their best.

i still have buttermilk left over, (even though i used it for breakfast-for-dinner pancakes during the week) so I'll probably make these again to this weekend. turning the oven on will help warm up my apartment in this snowy weather.

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