Monday, June 28, 2010

Father's Day 7 Layer Bars and what I did with leftovers

Around Christmas time my dad had brought home some 7 layer bars a woman at his office had made for everyone. He was a big fan so he asked for the recipe to give to me and I didn't get around to making them until this past fathers day, hehe.

So here they are! Wasn't especially sure how they were supposed to look, and there were no layers to be had in the end, but they were still tasty!

Seven layer bar win! No sliced pictures, sorry!

I have this issue where I'll buy a particular type of chips for something then I keep them forever because I move on to something else. So after the bars I had chocolate chips, butter scotch chips, walnuts and coconut to use up.

So I made these cute toll house island cookies. Haha, mine do not look as perfect as the picture on their recipe page but mine are much more fun! They helped use up the coconut and walnuts. I used the rest of my dark chocolate chips instead of milk plus some white chocolate chips sitting around. I have plans for the butterscotch chips though, don't worry!

Island cookie making in my tiny apartment kitchen!

Finished island kewkie! More island kewkie pics on Flickr.

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