Monday, July 5, 2010

pina colada cupcakes!

About a week ago I had a birthday picnic/bbq to go to, and since you always have to bring something to these events, i thought i'd bake something boozey. I had this pina colada cupcake recipe I'd been wanting to try out so I decided to make those.

Overall, I didn't find much pina colada about these pina colada cupcakes.

The recipe calls for cake flour and usually I just look up how I can substitute all purpose flour, but I had to go to the supermarket anyway for the crushed pineapple and figured I'd look. I found pastry flour...but it was whole wheat...but figured it would be a good idea to follow the recipe as closely as possible, so i got the whole wheat pastry flour.

As I'm whipping up my cupcakes with my whole wheat pastry flour and it just looks weird! It tasted okay but I was skeptical.

I used free-standing foil cupcake cups since I had so much batter. Here is the whole wheat pastry flour cupcake before it was baked. I can't say I thought it was that appetizing but I pressed on seeing how they'd bake up.

Also the recipe calls for only a 1/3 cup of well drained crushed pineapple. After seeing how much batter this yielded I had serious doubts about their pineappleness, in the end I was right.

Here they are all baked up! The whole wheat flour made their coloring a bit off from usual cupcakes, but they were nice and spongey and tasty none the less! There is definitely a whole wheat texture to them, different, but good!

So on to the frosting. I do not own a candy thermometer and things like "when syrup reaches firm ball stage" are just too complicated for me, I have to knowledge of such stages so how would i recognize them anyway? :op I googled this recipe for vanilla spiced rum frosting.

I liked how it came out very much! although I did leave out the vanilla and double the rum in hopes of saving the pina colada-ness of it. Didn't really work and I can't say the flavor of the spiced rum really came out either, but it was good either way! I should of doubled it or even double plus half to frost all of these though if I wanted to pipe them all. I thought of garnishing with some shredded coconut to salvage the pina coladaness, but I didn't have any and had already put in a lot of effort with these cupcakes! I wasn't going to the store again. :op

I broke out my sweet cake decorating set to pipe the frosting. More fun with piping frosting is on my flickr page.

This is the plate I saved for myself. They went over really well at the party though! More of the cupcakes ready to travel on flickr again.

I wanted to bring some to my parents so I made some virgin pina colada cupcakes where I just threw some crushed pineapple in the frosting, but again, you couldn't really taste it. I needed to get more mileage out of the frosting towards the end so I iced these with a knife. And colored it blue so I'd remember which were the virgin ones, haha.

So overall, I was mad I did all that work and in the end I had no pina colada cupcakes. Although they did turn out yummy and everyone was impressed! I will have to continue searching for a pina colada cupcake that tastes like pina colada. Open to suggestions!


  1. Pina Colada cupcakes look sooo yummy!

  2. I wonder if you used coconut milk and some of the drained pineapple juice in place of the buttermilk, if it would give you more of the flavor you wanted? Maybe some rum extract, too to enhance the flavor? They look like really tasty cupcakes!

  3. your cupcakes looked incredible....even if it didnt have quite the flavor you were looking for I'm sure they were delicious!


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