Friday, July 30, 2010

mini babycakes!!!!!

My cousin Lindsay is having a baby! I think about two weeks ago was her baby shower and no one asked me but I showed up with cupcakes anyway. ;o)

I've had this recipe for rainbow cupcakes bookmarked for awhile and used it as my inspiration. Great blog, but uses metric measurements. :op

So I figured I'd find a nice white cake recipe to use. The first batch actually came out way over baked and dry since I kept waiting for the cake to "spring back when touched." That never I just took em out when they looked baked to me which was more like 10-12 min.

This made a lot of mini cupcakes! Three pans of 24 worth actually...something to keep in mind. they don't want to know whether they're having a boy or girl, so I thought baby pink and blue cupcakes would be darling. :o) It turned out fun because as people came up to the tray they chose a pink or blue depending on what they're routing for. Anyway, I was really excited to color the batter, not sure why but food coloring is always cool.

I played with layering the batter to make cupcakes that were pink and white, blue with white, blue/pink, all 3 colors, it was a free for all. With my first pan that turned out dry, I also found it's easy to over fill the cups with this layering deal, so think 2/3 full and if you fill too much they'll still come out good. :o) There's more photos of this stage here.

Poor lighting, but here's how I packed them off to the shower. I made both vanilla and chocolate buttercream to frost them with. My piping got a little sloppy, but I was headed down the shore once I was finished, if that's any excuse. ;o)

And here's how they turned out! More babycake mini photos here!

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