Monday, July 19, 2010

pink lemonade love

omg...july is nearly here and gone already... I made these the Friday of 4th of July weekend from this recipe from Grin and Bake It.

After my pina colada cupcake disappointment I have to say I was a little skeptical about flavored cupcakes other than things like vanilla or chocolate. :op But the pink lemonade concentrate did the trick and they did bake up to taste rather pink lemonade-y.

But, I baked them too long sadly. I am learning to back off the bake time a lot for these minis. 15-18 or less even should do it. Also 10 is a weird yield for a cupcake recipe it seems. This recipe made 24 minis for me easy, and I probably could of filled the cups a bit more than I did.

And when it came time to frost, I had like 12 times what I needed! Will definitely half the frosting recipe next time!

Here is the pink lemonade mini cupcake story in pictures.

Used my food coloring from my nifty Wilton cake decorating set to dye the batter pink. I could of used more I think, but I'm a little afraid of it still. FYI, these are not filled enough, should of topped them off.

All baked up! Not nearly pink enough but I love how puffed up the tops on these get. Imagine if I filled the cups enough?! So cute, I die.

NOM!!!!!!!! Barely-pink cake. A little dry but no one is perfect.

Off to pre-4th of July bbq. I had bought yellow decorating sugar especially for these to sprinkle on them but Dave started texting me to get up there earlier than I had planned because of holiday weekend traffic and I was in such a rush I forgot! Save it for something else I guess, I was disappointed though. Btw, I made it there in an hour as usual. ;o)

More in my baking adventures set!

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  1. I love how those minis turned out with the piped frosting. Cupcakes always looks so much more finished when the frosting is fancy. Were they really lemony?


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