Monday, May 9, 2011

Peach Stawberry Coffee-Cupcakes at Can it Cupcake?

Dear readers,

I have started a new blog! It's called Can it Cupcake? and it will answer just that! I'll be taking non-traditional cupcake recipes and turning them into cupcakes and baking up cupcakes inspired by treats that are not cupcakes at all! Sangria and angel food cupcakes are in the near future, so please go ahead and follow!

I have plenty of baking adventures in mind to go around though, so I will continue to post here as well!

To kick it off I just posted a recipe for Peach Strawberry Coffee-Cupcakes where I thought I'd try out how coffee cake handled being in a cupcake wrapper. Please check it out!

Can coffee cake cupcake?

Hope you drop by!



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