Friday, September 17, 2010

and in the morning, it was sorbet!

I was ssoooo excited when I saw how easy this recipe for triple berry sorbet was! You don't need an ice cream maker or anything! I wanted to try it right away and decided to make it for a labor day afternoon bbq.

My biggest issue was straining the damn seeds out of the puree. You need just the right size colander to keep the seeds out but actually let the juice through, it was more difficult than I thought and I almost gave up but Dave was there for me!

So I poured it into my metal mixing bowl and stuck it in the fridge and waited. Then I transferred it to the freezer. The took it out and stirred every 30 min from about 10 at night until 1 in the morning and the edges had jjjuuussttt started to freeze. So I went to bed!

I woke up around 9 am the next morning, and over night my sorbet had turned into sorbet!

It was scoopable and everything, not one big frozen block, I was ssssooooo excited and it tasted delicious!

Right before everyone came over I made whipped cream for topping from heavy whipping cream I had intended to use for marshmallow frosting for my smore cupcakes. It actually went over really well, even my two friends who are not really berry eaters had some and enjoyed it. :oD

I wish I had tried this sooner and had more of summer time to make all sorts of fun sorbets with. But now it's on to fall and new adventures!

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