Monday, September 13, 2010

Campfire Smore Mini Cupcakes

From bakerella! ooohhhhh... I was invited to a Labor Day weekend campfire, so I thought smore cupcakes would be appropriate. :oD

So, I know baking minis can be a different experience than full cupcakes but I do love them so, they go over so well at parties and they're so fricking cute. But there are occasionally some things about recipes that baffle me, like why my cookies and cream martini cupcakes failed? Just because I half the recipe? That's bullshit... Anyway, back to the Smore Minis!

So these cupcakes layer graham cracker batter, brown sugar graham cracker crumbs, a whole marshmallow baked right in the middle, chocolate batter then ganache. That is a tall order for a mini but I knew I could do it.

I had standard marshmallows that I had to cut into pieces so that was fun, but other than that they went pretty well! I had a ton of chocolate batter left over though, I actually baked a whole other pan almost of just chocolate.

So, Miss Bakerella says "When they bake, the marshmallow will mostly melt away into the cupcake, but a little will make it’s way to the surface and peek through the topping." I'm not sure why I believed this or why hers look the way they do, but my marshmallows did not "melt away." They expanded and grew out of the cupcake! Because they're marshmallows and that's why marshmallows do when they're heated! I know, I heart campfires and have microwaves peeps at easter just to watch them expand.

This is them right out of the oven, marshmallow looks good here, but as they cooled the marshmallows collapsed to leave mini caverns in the middle of most of my cupcakes. Not a disaster but not pretty... but smores are meant to be a mess, right?

I had intended to make marshmallow cream frosting, but I had a campfire to get to, so I ended up just melting down the marshmallows with butter (rice krispie treat style) and dunking the tops in it, then sprinkling with more graham cracker, bam, smore cupcake!

Here's one layered and one chocolate with marshmallow topping.

And here's how the layered minis turned out in the end. They were a mess to unwrap or eat though. So it was convenient they were minis so you could inhale them straight off the wrapper!

More on my flickr page!

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