Monday, February 21, 2011

Chocolate Frangelico Truffles

I made these as a birthday gift for a friend, that sadly the weather prevented me from getting to. :o( But I've deemed them a success anyway.

Chocolate frangelico truffles

I followed this recipe and while they were delicious, I'm not sure what the vanilla bean in the cream or espresso powder really did for them... The same sort of goes for the Frangelico...I can't say I tasted it but I was a little afraid to add more and make the ganache too thin. Maybe I would miss the flavors that vanilla bean and espresso lend if I didn't include them...but maybe I wouldn't! So who knows!

To amp up the hazelnut flavor I rolled them in crushed hazelnuts.

Rolled in hazelnuts

Pretty tasty, then packaged them in a pink to go container. :o)

Frangelico truffles to go!

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