Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jumping on the Ebelskiver bandwagon

Like my last post, I'm making use of another Christmas gift.

I got an Ebelskiver pan! :o) Also got some mix and recipe book to go with it.

I was a little disheartened by the recipes in the book since it advises they should all be served immediately, and I really wanted to be able to take some of these to parties and whatnot. But after making them a few times I believe they'll also travel well, as long as it's the same day or very next day. :o)

I started with the basic recipe then slightly branched out, there will be much more Ebelskiving to come! Here are a few so far!

1) Original Ebelskivers with strawberry jam filling - the first try
Strawberry jam filled ebelskivers

2) Original Ebelskivers with peach filling - practicing my Ebelskiver flipping skills

See peachy filling?

Peachy jam filling

3) French toast Ebelskivers with peach jam filling - getting fancy, my own creation
Use the Ebelskiver mix and tossed in some vanilla extract and a bunch of cinnamon. Instantly tastier, then dusted with powdered sugar

French toast ebelskiver

See peachy filling? And cinnamon? mmmmm....

French toast peach jam filled ebelskiver

They do take a little longer to make and make more dishes to clean since you have to make the batter separately then whip the egg whites, but they're great for weekend breakfast. When you're making them, they cook fast! Be careful not to let them burn! Flipping with the skewers is easier than I thought, I can only get seem to get them flipped 3/4 of the way but I just stuff it back in the little Ebelskiver well and they come out pretty good, and the filling stays enclosed. Good stuff!

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