Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sexy Cinnamon Rolls

Plus they're ridiculously easy, smell amazing, and the payoff is have FRESH CINNAMON ROLLS! Incredible. :o)

I already took a bite pre-photos

I was feeling cinnamon rolls, and I had this recipe for cinnamon rolls tagged for awhile, but I needed something quick and dirty. I had some puff pastry hanging out in my freezer and a quick search turned up this recipe.

I wasn't sure what adding the pecans on top of the butter/cinnamon in the bottom of the cups would I spread them inside the roll instead of raisins and rolled them up in there.

They were delicious and we ate them all week long. We'd heat them up in the toaster oven for a minute or two to warm them. Make them, they're amazing.

Easiest, most delicious cinnamon rolls ever

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