Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chocolate Chip Eats Oreo

I made these a week or two ago as dessert for Sunday night dinner with my family. But I thought they would make a lovely Spring Equinox post since I used special springtime Oreos...

Okay, I didn't really seek out special springtime Oreos. They were on the end of the aisle. They're the springtime edition because they have yellow cream in the middle, and apparently 5 different special springtime designs on the cookies. Not that you can tell for these, because they are consumed by a chocolate chip cookie! :oD

Chocolate chip eats oreo

Recipe can be found here. The bake time was more like 15 - 17 min for me, but my cookies were ginormous, hehe... Here is an unflattering picture of me showing you how one of the cookies is the size of my face!

Cookie is the size of my face! Yikes!

They were easily a one person dessert in themselves. Plus a scoop of ice cream on top. If you make them, I suggest you leave plenty of room on the cookie sheet for them to spread out!

There are more in the Cookie Adventures set on Flickr!

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