Friday, March 11, 2011

Matcha Cookies with Candied Ginger and Toasted Almonds

I love tea. I drink lots of it, and all different kinds. The last time I stopped into Teavana I was surprised to see they had matcha powder. I'd been waiting for Dave to get back to the Asian supermarket to pick some up, but here it was, and I was there, so I got it.

I have plans for green tea ice cream, but in revisiting one of my Martha Stewart cookie books, I rediscovered a recipe for matcha tea biscuits and had to make them promptly.

Sugar coated green tea cookie

They came out delicious although not as perfect as Martha's. There are quite a few steps to making them, aside from toasting the almonds, chopping the candied ginger, etc. You have to take them out of the oven, slice them, sprinkle with sugar, put em back in the oven, take out, sprinkle, etc. It is Martha after all...

They were a little crumbley to slice and I would totally double the recipe next time to make more!

Plus they need more ginger somehow. I'm considering candying my own ginger to get ginger to sugar to sprinkle them with.

But they definitely tasted like sugar coated green tea deliciousness!

Green tea cookie with candied ginger and toasted almonds

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